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(No) Solvay Sailing Cup

Let's sail anyway!



Hello Intrepid Sailors,


It has been a long time, we miss you! We hope you are all doing well.


As you might have already understood, it is unfortunately not possible to plan the Solvay Sailing Cup this year, due to the lack of visibility we have regarding COVID-19 measures. 


Although this is a real disappointment, the staff motivation for sailing is stronger than ever! What about you?


This is why we would like to propose the following to those of you who are looking forward to sail in September:

  • let's save the usual date of the Solvay Sailing Cup : September 17-19, 2021

  • let's sail together, starting on Friday from a harbor to be determined and come back at the same harbor on Sunday afternoon

  • each crew is responsible for the boat rental as well as for their own catering organization

  • there would be no official regatta, but we could organise informal ones on the water ;-)


We will keep you posted regarding the details related to the rental possibilities as soon as possible. And of course depending how many of you will be interested in joining this « event ». Psssstt... the Organization Team and their respective teams will definitely be present. Meaning that already three boats are in for now…


We need you to tell us...

  • if you are excited about this

  • if you have proposals regarding the starting (and ending) point

Go go go, we cannot wait for your answers!


In the meantime, think about it... and why not start to gathering your team!


Keep safe!
Your Solvay Sailing Cup Organization Team

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